Wake-up call
 Income Tax System.
Quest for Missing Links
Pakistan Flood Response

  Yata Alliance stands for Faith, Unity, Discipline and action which in urdu language means Yaqeen, Ittehad, Tanzeem and Amal Alliance. Yata Alliance has taken upon itself task to propose innovative solutions for all problems being faced by the country. All novel ideas are to be considered and presented without going into discussion as to practicability or otherwise of the proposals. Yata Alliance is a voluntary organization working on honorary basis and professionals are welcome to put up proposals and ideas for consideration and adoption herein.  
List of topics covered in Wake up Call (WUC) are as follows
1   Synopsis 2   Sign-up campaign
3   Sponsors 4   Frame work
5   Motivation 6   Focus
7   Mission 8   Registration & Nomination.
9   Activity Chart 10   Key Reforms
11   Governance Reforms 12   Damage/Loss Control Reforms
13   Personal Tax Reforms 14   Notes
15   Corporate/Industrial Reforms 16   Consultancy Services Reforms
17   WTO Provisions 18  

Development Plans