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1.         Scope:  The great masses of human being spread all over our planet "Earth"
            could be put into under mentioned broad categories:

        Believers: This group recognizes the "Creator" of the earth as well as universe in some form thereby leaving room for a "Divine Order".

        Non Believers: This group does not accept concept of any "Creator" thus denying existence of any "Divine Order".


            Both groups more or less agree that functioning of the universe is flaw less strictly based on a set of fixed pattern and/or laws.


            The "Quest for Interfaith Missing Links" deals with the "Believers" category and attempts to discover reasons for existing great disparity in faiths spread all over the earth in the form of religions, sub-religion and their other innumerable off-shoots.  Attempt has also been made to identify common grounds between various faiths and for backgrounds resulting in existing disparities.

2.         Bases:  Majority opinion among those who concur with the concept of the "Creator" may converge on under mentioned bases:

            2.1.      Any system created by the "Absolute Creator" (Divine Order) has to
                        be faultless and based on total justice.

            2.2.      The "Divine Order" must and shall remain unchanged with regard to
                        principles whereas details to suit a particular set of Age, Time and/or
                        Group may vary to suit specific Settings/Environments.

            2.3.      Any "Divine Order" must be continuous and applicable for all Ages and
                        Times i.e. past, present and/or future.

            2.4.      The "Divine Order" must be free of conflicts in terms of its objectives,
                        implementation and shall always lead to a well defined common destiny
                        in respect of the entire "Creation".

2.5.            The "Divine Order" shall not be limited to any particular Age, Group, Time and shall remain valid under all circumstances at all locations without any anomalies.

3.                  Key Observations:

            A birds eye view of the prevailing faiths on earth in the light of the "Bases" as
            identified above

             indicate  significant differences.Only some of these are mentioned below:

            3.1.      Faiths differ in terms of description of the "Creator" thereby giving rise
                        to concepts such as monotheist and polytheist.

            3.2.      Specific faiths solely limited to particular specific groups exist.

            3.3.      Continuity of the "Divine Order" applicable to and acceptable to all
                         faiths does not exist.

            3.4.      Major and minor conflicts with respect to nature and implementation of
                        the "Divine Order" exist.

4.         Discussion:

           While comparing the requirements of the "Divine Order" as identified under
           para (2) with the current status contained in para (3), a great gulf between
           existing faiths become fully

          visible. Since it is not possible to conceive that "Absolute Creator" shall send the
         "Divine Order" with such obvious anomalies,  possibility of hidden factors causing
          the existing disparities need to be looked at very carefully.

            In order to zero- in on such hidden factors, it may be necessary to define a few
           fundamental elements of the "Divine Order" which are likely to be part of all
           existing faiths.


4.1.            Undisputed existence of the "Absolute Creator"

4.2.          Working of the universe along with all its associated systems/operations on the principle of "Total Justice".



4.3.            The term "Total Justice" may be further defined as adherence to all scientific and social laws pertaining to universe inclusive of all creations, species, societies, etc without deviations.  For example operation of the solar system, galaxies and entire universe following all scientific laws and rules imposed by the "Absolute Creator".  All creations, material or non-material, which includes all species inclusive of  human beings etc. appearing on the scene and departing after fulfilling the role assigned by the "Absolute Creator"


4.4.            While all elements of the universe performing their assigned roles with out any deviation shall be termed as "Total Justice" and any departures from the same shall be termed  "Unjust".



4.5.            Whereas all creations in the universe perform their functions as assigned by the "Absolute Creator" flawlessly as the option of any deviation has not been granted to them.  For example creation of stars and galaxies and their destruction, flow of liquids from higher pressure to lower pressure, conversion of mass into energy, falling of the objects downwards due to gravity, birds and animals growing, living and dying in given pattern, etc.  In short, all "Creations" stick to "Total Justice" as the option of deviations has not been granted to them by the "Absolute Creator".

4.6.            Human being is one of the creations of the "Absolute Creator" which has been allowed a certain amount of discretion while performing its assigned functions during the course of its life cycle.


4.7.            Human being have been given free choice to live and take actions of their choosing.  The same may conform to "Total Justice" as assigned by the "Absolute Creator" under "Divine Order" or deviate from the same within a given degree of freedom.  Any deviations from this "Total Justice" must be termed  "Unjust" and remains individual responsibility for which  it stands accountable.

4.8.            Most faiths may concur on the under mentioned elements for action between individuals satisfying the requirements of adherence to "Total Justice".

        All the assets contained in the "Universe" in any form are owned by the 'Absolute Creator" only.

        Use of the assets by individuals within given frame work is a trust imposed by the "Absolute Creator" and total accountability for the same remains built-in.

        The entire human being clan constitutes a single community with equal rights and privileges for every one based on the "Total Justice" and without any superiority over each other based on colour, cast and creed and/or possessions. 

        The will of the "Absolute Creator" in accordance with "Total Justice" is to prevail while individuals take their decisions.

        One of the key elements of "Total Justice" could be to choose the same for all other individuals what you choose for yourself.


                       With the assumption that most existing faiths shall converge on accepting the above broad guidelines as essential elements of the "Divine Order" it may be possible to proceed further.

4.9.            With a reasonable convergence of all faiths on elements pertaining to the "Divine Order" which is essentially based on the concept of "Total Justice": it becomes extremely difficult to understand why so many different faiths should exist.

4.10.        It is un-reasonable to term creation of faiths based on 'Divine Order" as an individual and/or collective act due to lack of incentive for the same.  Individuals and/or group may promote a certain 'Order" to meet their own requirements but not to fit in with the "Divine Order".

4.11.        It is also absolutely clear that any move to implement "Divine Order" based on "Total Justice" shall immediately meet resistance from individuals as well as majority as it does not cater for freedom for individual and/or collective possessions and grandeur in terms of material superiority and demonstration of authority desired by a great majority.

5.                  Conclusions:

            The aforementioned discussion as contained above leads to under
             mentioned conclusions:

5.1.            The basic concept of faiths is well linked to "Divine Order" and universal applicability of "Total Justice".

5.2.            Human nature is not likely to adopt to system of "Total Justice" on its own free will thereby giving rise to adoption of concepts and practices which are not entirely in line with the "Divine Order" as well as "Total Justice".

5.3.            Any or all concepts or practices not consistent with the "Total Justice" are deviations and must be viewed as individual and/or collective acts and not as an element of the "Divine Order" and "Total Justice" concept.

5.4.            All faiths subscribing to the concept of the "Absolute Creator" are likely to have their origin well connected to a single "Divine Order" sent by the "Absolute Creator" through its chosen representatives at various times, ages and locations.  The disparities and/or variations between faiths may be the result of individual and/or group choices of the original concepts to meet specific desired objectives.

5.5.            If the missing links giving rise to arbitrary deviations are found and corrected, all faiths are likely to converge into one single "Divine Order" entirely based on the concept of "Total Justice".

6.                  Future Work:

            It is necessary that research work aimed at pin-pointing the missing links
           continues so that concept of the "Divine Order" becomes clearly visible to each
           and everyone endeavoring to understand the same