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Wake up Pakistan

1 Synopsis:
o Since coming into being and initial consolidation which capitalized on the momentum of un-paralleled Pakistan Movement with Quaid’s inspirational leadership; degradation started creeping into our system with slow initial start and gaining momentum with passage of time.
o Successive establishments, elected or otherwise, could contribute little in this regard and remained largely helpless in arresting the downward trends.
o Gradual fading of the discipline, law and order break down, economic hardships, and increasing demoralization with ever diminishing values started increasing polynomially assuming disaster proportions.
o All the solutions, short term and/or long term, failed to arrest the un-mistakable catastrophic tendencies not to talk of putting the system back on the rails again.
o During the entire process, spread over decades, honest peace loving silent majority stuck to the long standing fatal attitude of leaving the matters un-attended and going deeper and deeper into the self-imposed restrictive shell maintaining lethal silence. Now, they find themselves defenceless with their security, honour, assets, families and future at great risk being target of random lawlessness, kidnappings, rapes, murders, ransoms, etc. Water is already flowing over their heads and if they fail to attend to the alarm bells and accept the last minute calls, appropriate opportunity may never come again.
o As for the greater part of the population belonging to the group surviving below the subsistence levels endlessly; un-precedent inflation, joblessness, epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters are looming large. Very little from this group could emerge except their turning to terrorism, thefts, robberies, etc in desperation. It is imperative that great masses of population, whose requirements must be addressed, are brought in line in defining future destiny of the country.
o With the aforementioned considerations weighing heavily, an un-conventional approach contained herein has been adopted, to present a case for a change to masses, whose opinions are extremely important and must be respected.
o Some of the concepts presented in this Wake-up Call are likely to be labeled as un-practical, amateurish, theoretical, un-realistic, lacking demonstrated track record and so on. It is, however, pleaded with utmost humbleness that prevailing situation requires looking into all possibilities without prejudice. With this spirit, active cooperation from all concerned is sought to at least give new thoughts a chance, as a sinking person must always avail every opportunity regardless of the remoteness of the chances of survival it offers.
o This document presents only the key titles with brief description. For details, specific reference to respective Annexure is necessary.
2 Sign-up campaign:
  With the issuance of this call, a sign-up campaign to seek support is being launched. If the appeal is adequately answered in affirmative a move to next step, as per activity chart projections (para 9) shall be implemented. However, if appeal fails to draw significant response, the matter will be treated as failed attempt without further promptings with the hope that a better plan shall emerge from some where else which will adequately fit in with aspirations of the masses and shall lead to ultimate reversing of the catastrophic trends.
3 Sponsors:
  As the tradition goes on to describe Abrahams stand against Nimrud (King): a bird was flying towards the great fire Nimrud had prepared for Abraham, with a drop of water in its beak. When bird was questioned about its intentions, it revealed that the drop of water was being carried to put it on the fire. When bird was told that a drop of water shall in no way help in extinguishing the fire, reply came “ Abraham is God’s Prophet and his protection is His responsibility, putting my drop of water on fire is my duty with which I must comply irrespective of the results.”.

The sponsors of YATA Alliance feel duty bound to make their most humble contribution in the form of issuing this Wake-up Call. What follow is not sponsors concern as God’s will, as always, shall prevail.

Please refer to sponsors introductory profile contained in Annexure-01 which can be obtained against e-mail request from info.yata@gmail.com

Website : www.yata-alliance.org

E-mail : info.yata@gmail.com

4 Frame work:
  Under mentioned forms the frame work defining battery limits in respect of YATA Alliance:
  o Supremacy of all three pillars of state as per constitution:
  • Parliament
  • Executive
  • Judiciary
  o Whatever concepts YATA Alliance intends to implement must be in compliance with the constitution and all legislative requirements to bring in proposed changes must pass through all parliamentary procedures.
  o Love and respect for all and malice and vengeance against none irrespective of cast, creed, gender, religion, sect, colour, geographic origin etc.
  o Maintenance of absolute peace and justice equally and universally applicable to everyone without prejudice and saying absolute no to all kinds of disruption, harassment and/or terrorism.
  o Un-inhibited representation and participation in key decision making by all stake holders including but not limited to senior citizens, students, workers, lawyers, judges, businessmen, land lords, farmers, religious scholars, women, minorities, ex-servicemen, expatriate Pakistanis, technocrats, financial wizards, ex-police officers, bankers, industrialists, stock market representatives, educationists, researchers, doctors, transporters, labour force representatives, retired bureaucrats, shop keepers etc.
  o The guiding principles being:
  • What you choose and like for yourself you must choose and like the same for others.
  • Cooperate with every one in achievement of justice as well as piety and do not collaborate in deeds leading to injustice and infidelity.
  o Support from all individuals, political parties, associations, unions, groups, collective entities, etc are actively sought in order to achieve the above stated objectives..
5 Motivation:
  When facing injustice following options exist:
  o Stop the injustice by force if you have power to do so.
  o Raise voice against injustice if you do not have power to eliminate it.
  o At least disapprove injustice in your heart if you neither have power nor capability to protest against it.
  YATA Alliance intends to take the case of elimination of injustice to the Parliament with adequate electoral support and implement deep rooted reforms using constitutional channels.
6 Focus:
  o Achievement of Absolute peace, discipline and tranquility in the country.
  o Inward looking indigenous economic growth with as little foreign
involvement as possible remembering that strong defence emanates from
strong economy.
  o 100 % schooling for children.
  o Jobs for everyone with 100 % employment.
  o 100 % health coverage.
  o Minimum wage of Rs.10, 000 p.m.
  o Reversing inflationary trends.
  o Raising of funds for meeting additional requirements by introducing
innovative tax system and curtaining expenditures by improved
  o Top priority to indigenous development in industry, agriculture, education,
technology and research sectors.
  o Independence from un-productive foreign influence in all sectors and
achievement of self confidence, respectability and dignity at national
  o Wide spread deep rooted reforms pertaining to all sectors.
  o Initiation of innovative projects to achieve the above stated objectives.
  o Critical evaluation of loans, grants and all similar external influences from
a genuinely national perspective and initiating corrective actions.
7 Mission:
  o Attempt to make YATA Alliance Wake-up Call reach maximum number of ears.
  o Putting in place YATA Alliance Head and Executive Council at the earliest ensuring that YATA Alliance organization structure is not personality dependent and absolutely democratic.
  o Ensuring un-inhibited representation and participation in key decision making by all stake holders.
  o Dissociation of sponsors from YATA Alliance after handing over affairs to the Alliance Head and its Executive Council.
  o Help develop unshakable base for YATA Alliance to continue whether sponsors exist or become non-existent for any reason whatsoever.
8 YATA Alliance Registration, Nomination and Promotion:
  YATA Alliance membership shall consist of saying yes by sending a blank e-mail as a minimum. Providing additional details shall be voluntary.

Filing of nominations shall require e-mail submission of one page profile for nominees indicating desired category consisting of either Head or Member Executive Council.
  o As long as YATA Alliance affairs are handled by the sponsors, the promotion shall largely be internet based exceptions being on need basis.
  o Elected Alliance Head and Executive Council shall determine course for the subsequent period.
9 Projected Activity Chart:
  o Issuance of Wake-up Pakistan (WUP) Calls. 00 days
  o Commencement YATA Alliance Membership Registration
and filing of nominations for the position of Alliance Head
and members of Executive Council.
01 days
  o Consolidation of results for YATA Alliance membership
and requests for nominations.
90 days
  o Issuance of nominees profiles to YATA Alliance members
for voting through available e-mail addresses only.
120 days
  o Compiling of voting results consisting of names of
elected Head and Executive Council members.
125 days
  o Handing over of all YATA Alliance functions to Head,
YATA Alliance and the Executive Council.
130 days
  o Dissociation and withdrawal of sponsors from the YATA
Alliance functions/management.
131 days
10 Key Reforms:
  YATA Alliance charter is mainly based on under mentioned reforms:
  o Governance Reforms.
  o Damage/loss control reforms.
  o Personal Tax Reforms.
  o Public/Private Corporate and Industrial Sector Reforms.
  o Developmental Plans.
  It is hoped that crucial reforms pertaining to the above categories shall emerge in final shape after Alliance take over and approval of the same by the elected representatives. Prior to this stage all concepts contained herein must be treated as draft recommendations only.
11 Governance Reforms:
11.1 Just and equitable governance achievement through implementation of planned reforms. Annexure-02
11.2 Bureaucracy reforms to eliminate hardships to masses,removal of all artificially created hurdles and barriers. Annexure-03
11.3 Facilitation in deliverance of justice and its implementation. Annexure-04
11.4 Elimination of corruption. Annexure-05
12 Damage/Loss Control Reforms:
12.1 Bank Loan Defaulters and Write-offs Control. Annexure-06
12.2 Power generation capacity, losses, thefts, non-
paying customers controls and plans.
12.3 Water reserves preservation and enhancement
as well as loss control plans’ implementation.
12.4 Income Tax System for Developing Countries. Annexure-09
13 Personal Tax Reforms:
  o Tax shall be based on income and/or facilities and assets being physically
availed or being utilized by an individual.
  o Wealth having accumulated by an individual or being gifted to a third party shall not be of any concern and shall not be taxed as such unless the same is utilized in any manner.
  o Every significant income facility or asset being utilized by any individual shall require fixed tax payment at post offices or banks against issuance of Tokens of specific value. The characteristic Token numbers shall be computerized using advanced software/systems thereby providing on the spot on line confirmation as and when verification is required.
14 Notes:
14.1 For tax purposes no distinction between rented, owned or borrowed property, goods and services is visualized. Utilization of the same forms the basis for taxation.
14.2 Higher of the two criteria i.e Assets or Income shall determine the applicable slab.
14.3 For detailed category wise break-down of assets refer to Annexure-02.
14.4 Non-Token holders shall not be eligible to open post office/bank accounts and shall not avail other privileges available to Token holder.
15 Public/Private Corporate and Industrial Sector Reforms:
15.1 Ceiling on Administrative expenses in respect of listed companies and private limited companies. Annexure-10
15.2 Ceiling on Advertising Expenditure. Annexure-11
15.3 Mergers/take over manipulations and tracking of beneficiaries mechanism and penalties. Annexure-12
15.4 Direct/indirect subsidies to high dividend sector and analysis reforms. Annexure-13
15.5 Over/under invoicing controls and reforms. Annexure-14
16 Local/foreign Consultancy Services Reforms:                                            Annexure-15
16.1 Defining ceilings.  
16.2 Eradication of consultancy to be used for funds channeling and for commission payments.  
16.3 Eradication of overseas consultancies functioning as a tool for channeling back aid and grant funds.  
16.4 Development of high level local consultancy
firms to reduce re-course to overseas consultancies.
Implementation of WTO provisions to maximize benefits to the country. Annexure-17
17.1 Finances/banking Reforms. Annexure-18
17.2 GST/VAT/Excise/Custom duties and other federal/provincial levies reforms. Annexure-19
17.3 Import/Export controls and reforms with particular reference to: Annexure-20
17.4 Imports of non-value added items.  
17.5 Stimulus and support to local industry.  
17.6 Luxury Items.  
Note: Annexure 01-20 are under development and shall be available after due consideration and approval by the elected Alliance Head and the Executive Council.
18 Development Plans:
  YATA Alliance developmental plans are aimed at initiating a process of economic uplift simultaneously creating additional job opportunities to achieve 100 % employment. Key targets in this regard can be classified as follows:
  • Projects aimed at handling existing threatening aspects pertaining to power and water sector as well as improved road/rails network.
  • Industrial targets include improving indigenous technical, operational, maintenance, R & D, design and manpower training capabilities in all areas in general and crucial areas in particular inclusive of, but not limited, to high technology, heavy industry, metallurgy, automation, aviation, I T , instrumentation/E&I fields, petroleum, petrochemical and specialty chemicals. In these areas Pakistan is lagging and needs to take strides instead of slow steps. The developments in these crucial sectors determines the industrial standing of nations.
  • Special attention must be paid to bio-technology, bio chemicals and energy sectors.
  • On agricultural fronts, 100% paving of water-ways and canals with initiation of piped irrigation system adoption must form an integral part of plans to overcome water shortages. Besides, latest fertilizer application techniques such as direct injection of custom made liquid fertilizers must be looked at very closely. Pakistan shall not be able to handle increasing population load without drastic improvement in agricultural outputs.
  For further details of the plans respective Annexures (under development) may be referred to.
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